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Harrington Glen Estate is a boutique family winery located in the Granite Belt of South East Queensland. Twice winner of the Best Queensland Red Wine, we also have numerous awards for best wines in class, across both our reds and whites. We make a selection of big bold quality wines that take advantage of the region’s warm summers and sandy soil. Besides our selection of multi award winning reds and whites, we also offer a unique accommodation experience with our train and executive apartment combination. Come and experience our passion and the lovely views from the winery and accommodation.
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Harrington Glen Winery is open 7 days per week from 10am to 5pm AEST.

Address: 88 Townsend Road, Glen Aplin QLD 4381 (approximately 10 minutes from Stanthorpe township)

(07) 4683 4388

All Wine and accommodation Enquiries: (07) 4683 4388 ask for Brent or send an email;

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When did the journey begin? In 1996, after retiring from the corporate world, and walking the beach for two years, harry and wife glen took a trip to Stanthorpe. Before we knew it we had purchased 68 acres with one dam and a small house and shed. What to do with this new acquisition? Grow some grapes! With a lot of advice from every person we knew, we ultimately made our own decisions, so if a mistake was made it was our own. After clearing the land, straightening the road, enlarging the existing dam and building a new one, we began planting our first grapes in 1998 – shiraz from Wagga university and grafted cabernet sauvignon from a local horticulturalist, Brian Wilson. We planted these – harry with a shovel and me on my knees and fought all the way – “they’re not straight”- “do it yourself” – this process probably took a lot longer than necessary. Next came the merlot. With the help of Billy Lynam, we planted these a lot quicker. Later we decided we needed white grapes so planted Verdelho, white muscat and grafted over some of the cabernet with Viognier. A very difficult grape to grow! After selling our grapes and realising this was a lot of work for little return, we decided to go down the track of having our wine contract made. We, of course, then needed an outlet to sell the wine. Next came the cellar door and winery – the obvious progression was to buy the necessary equipment and make our own wine.
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